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Death of the Apocalypse-a hauntingly eerie novel

3.99 $

 New York City is gripped with terror as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse make a blood curdling appearance. The Horseman Death breaks from his ghastly associates and wreaks havoc on the unsuspecting city dwellers, slicing off a few heads during his gruesome venture. The three remaining Horsemen turn to an unlikely source to aid them in the return of their counterpart.  “Who are you?” the lieutenant asked. “I am the darkness, the intolerable, and the horrid. I am evil and all that you fear. I am pestilence, the decay of life, and all that you detest. I am oppression and hopelessness. I am the chill that sweeps through a man before fear sets in, and the cold that devours life after fear has taken its toll. I am all that is vile, and all that is unbearable to mankind. I am Death.” Find novels in the genres of: Horror, Fantasy, Historical Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Western, and Science Fiction. Joel Goulet’s novels are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, wings e press, double dragon publishing, prices vary by company starting at 3.99  

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Life's Chances - New Book - from Rob de'Mars

14.95 $

Jane Garland is feeling old at 49, and still single.  The problem is, she just cant find the man of her dreams, he is nowhere to be seen.  She has never really been in love, and she often cries herself to sleep at night.  But then, one day ...Lifes Chances is a romantic tragedy depicting the love that we all search for, and rarely find. Now Available at Amazon Books   $14.95 Paperback(also available on Kindle)

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Rise Of The Beast - New Book - from Rob de'Mars

14.99 $

Rise Of The Beast is a story about the future where freedom, liberty, and justice no longer exist on the planet.  Evil forces have taken over and none can stand against them. A group of patriots are the first to take action against the intractable enemy.  Their leader rises to the occasion to try to change that future for all of mankind.Meanwhile, hidden away in the mountains is a group of survivors who have chosen to continue to live free.  They live underground and off the land, farming and hunting in secret.  Their story is one of family, beliefs, and their struggle to survive!  Everything they hold to depends on not being found by the enemy.It is a story of heros who try to make a difference in a world subjected to inhuman treatment with no human rights.  But the human spirit cannot be broken so easily and human beings insist on living free, with liberty and justice for all!Rise of The Beast is a fictional story loosely based on prophecies and current events. Rise of The Beast is Now Available at Amazon Books    $14.99   New Paperback(also available on Kindle)

Illinois > CHICAGO