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Hotel restaurant required workers to live and work in Canada ChefWaiterBartenderCleanerReceptionist Room serviceSecurityDriverDJMusicianGuardDancer   Please do contact us with your CV for more information regarding the job if interested .

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Urgent Workers needd to work and arts in Canada

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Job Description / Responsibilities We are out employ both full-time and part-time workers in a new branch of our hotel in Cameroon. We offer very encouraging and good working conditions for all workers. Salaries range from $ 4000 Canadian dollars. We also offer a training program three months to those who lack certain job skills required in the hotel and with this formation, nothing is deducted from your salary. We offer free accommodation to all our new workers until they are sure they can take care of their accommodation. We offer houses that can contain a whole family.By this we mean that, you can travel with his family to come to work and live with them there.We will take care of their food, health and many other difficulties that will face here in Canada . We have a lot of vacancies we are offering to the general public. Some of which include: Job available:The waiters,Chefs,Guard,Drivers,Cleaners, Assistant Managers,Receptionists,Company Lawyers,Room attendants,Gate  Men, DJ,Dancers,Musicians, ETC ...................  We will be very happy if all these vacancies are all busy. Those interested should contact us via email with your resume CV.  WORK EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. We wish to inform the public who, even if you have never worked in any hotel, please contact us because we will educate you on what to do based on their post will be in charge of the hotel. We offer a three-month training before they can start working. While just been tested workers who have previous work records and experiences. And after your test, they can start working fully. So anyone who is willing and serious can work in our company.   Required skills work. Before you can start working in our company, you should know to speak and understand English or French fluently. And if you do not know how to speak the necessary languages, we will help educate on how to master the two official languages. This will be a training program three months. Immediately after this training program, you can now resume the working position in our hotel.  LEVEL OF EDUCATION The level of education is not very vibrant as a factor hampering our recruitment program. Lets get people who can read and write properly in certain spercificities, and while others just need the diplomatic High School.  MOTTO: Vision, Mission and Values ​​HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT.

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