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Date posted:07.10.2017

We can help facilitate the financial service bank instrument SBLC /BG. We remain the best financial consulting company with years of experience in the international and local finance market. We have become the hallmark of excellent service in this industry with trusted and genuine FCA registered SBLC Providers who have truly succeeded in creating significant value for all clients and brokers involved in leasing or purchasing Bank Instruments. We issue from Top rated world Banks and also work with brokers and agents with 100% healthy commissions paid on every deal. Leasing SBLC: 6% +2%Purchasing SBLC: 35% +2%DESCRIPTION OF INSTRUMENTS:1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC)2. Total Face Value: Please inform us3. Issuing Bank: HSBC, Barclays London or Deutsche Bank Frankfurt or any Top 25 WEB4. Age: One Year, One Day5. Leasing / Selling SBLC / BG6. Delivery: SWIFT MT799/MT760.7. Payment: MT-103.8. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.All relevant business information will be provided upon request and we are ready to forward to you the DOA/CONTRACT of work once you send inquiry email.NB: We also provide loans at 2% APR and monetize Bank Instruments. For inquiry, contact us at:Email: info@cardinalgloballtduk.comTel: +44-74-3076-7318

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Date posted:07.10.2017
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