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Date posted:05.26.2016

Hello My dear brothers and sisters out there,Please i just want you all to listen to my great testimony on how Mr Hubert Pawel helped me with loan,Am Mrs Gayous Betty,am from USA Chicago,Months back i was in search of a loan to buy a car and also take care of some others things due to my distance working place so i decided to purchase a car,so after going online for loan i came across a loan lender which i never knew that they are scammers trying to rip away individuals hard earn money,So they scammed me sum of $1,200,at that point of time i was so confused dont even know what to do anymore,so when i went to my working place i told my friend this very issue on how i was scammed by some fake lenders that promised me loan,so after i have narrated my story to her she told me that if am still interested to obtain loan anymore,so i told her that am still interested because i want to use the funds to buy a car and also take care of some others things,She told me that she knows real loan company where her dad got his loan from,so she gave me all their details after she have confirmed from her dad,so she told me that the company names is LOAN SHARKING INVESTMENT COMPANY,managed my Mr Hubert Pawel,So i quickly contacted them,and after that they gave me all the necessary information regarding to their loan terms and condition,after they have finalize my loan transaction they instructed me to forward my banking information to them and also my National Identity card for proper verification,so i did all they instructed,not less that Five banking hours i got an alert from my bank that my account has been credited with the sum of $20,000usd by Mr Kumar the depositor,i was so happy that God has finally answered my prayer,i just have to do this so that the whole wide world can see and also hear the good work of LOAN SHARKING INVESTMENT COMPANY,and to some individuals who are still out there looking for the right company where they can obtain a loan,i will just advice you to kindly and quickly contact LOAN SHARKING INVESTMENT COMPANY via Email..( ,because they are the best loan company i have ever seen,They are the best loan company so far,and i will continuing praying for Mr. Hubert Pawel,God Bless You All Mrs Gayous Betty

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South Carolina, GREENVILLE(map)
Zip code:29601
Ad number:20314
Date posted:05.26.2016
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