Satellite Technician Cable Installer - Richmond, VA

9000 $
Date posted:07.04.2016
Satellite Technician Cable Installer - Richmond, VA

For full details visit: Multi-award winning company maintains highest satellite technician pay rates in the industry:

  • $50,000 - $70,000 or more per year ave
  • $1000-$2500 Sign on Bonus
  • Raised walk on pay grades
  • $250 Referrals - refer technicians, make more money
  • Home based routing
  • No experience necessary - we sponsor certification
  • Company does not provide technician vehicles
_______________________________________________________Type of work :
  • In home sales & upgrades of additional products & services
  • Dish Satellite Video Installation
  • Dish Satellite Internet Installation
  • Verizon Wireless 4 G LTE Internet Installation
  • TV Installation
  • Smart Home Device Installation
  • Cell Phone Repair
Transition easily from these fields:
  • Cable contractor
  • Satellite contractor
  • Time Warner technician
  • Direct TV technician
  • Mas Tec contractor
  • Hughes Net
  • Security Installer
  • Pest Control / Exterminator
  • HVAC technician
  • Electrical contractor
  • Telecommunications
  • General Construction Contractor
We sponsor your certifications:
  • Sterling - Global Background Investigation
  • Dish Video Skillset
  • Dish Net Skillset
  • Plus One - Global Background Investigation
  • Verizon 4 G LTE - Home Installation Skillset
  • Senior Tech Mentoring Program
  • Business Rules & Invoicing Coach
  • Company does not provide technician vehicles
___________________________________________________________* * * You must provide your own white van or truck to contract work:
  • No SUV’ S, No wagons, No cars
  • Company does not provide technician vehicles
__________________________________________________________________* * * You must pass an extensive background investigation to contract work: Fullfillment partners that distribute this work dictate which backgrounds will pass in order to provide service inside their customers' homes. Contractors that meet the following, will pass the required third party background investigations.
  • Clean Drug screen
  • No felony court dates in 7 years
  • No misdemeanor court dates in 7 years
  • Less than 3 moving violations in 3 years
  • No open or pending charges of any kind
__________________________________________ Apply:
  • Press Apply, watch the short video about us
  • Fill out a quick mobile friendly application
  • The phone number you provide will be called to review contract requirements & schedule an interview. Recruiters call Mon-Fri, 8-5pm from area code 919.
After scheduling your interview you will be sent a confirmation email with interview details.
  • Reply to your confirmation email & request a copy of the contract application and insurance instructions to trim days off of your background investigation... be a step ahead of your competition.
If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.For full details visit:

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Ad number:20396
Date posted:07.04.2016
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