Promoting my ad
Freemegalist offers four different types of paid features: Homepage Gallery, Special Price, Ad Highlight, and Urgent ad. Each offers different advantages which help give your ads more visibility and helps them get more responses. Below is a breakdown of each feature:

Homepage Gallery

Your ad will appear on the top of the homepage .

Cost: $10 USD 
Validity Period: 25 days

Special Price

Your ad will be posted on the Category page with "specil price" icon across it.

Cost: $4 USD 
Validity Period: One time


Your ad will be highlighted from other ads in the category, making it stand out and gain more visibility.

Cost: $8 USD 
Validity Period: 25 days


Your ad will have an "urgent" banner across it, letting users know you wish to sell your item quickly.

Cost: $4 USD 
Validity Period: 25 days

You can choose as many paid features as you would like to purchase for your ad. The more features purchased, the more visibility it will get! This can help you get more responses and quicker results for your ad.  

Note: prices may change at any time.