Outside Sales Manager and Trainer

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Date posted:05.25.2016
Outside Sales Manager and Trainer

For full details visit: http://gapmarks.com/r/ffe2fa Seeking a District Sales Manager and Trainer for the St. Louis and surrounding areas. This is an Outside Sales Manager position. Not looking for someone who wants to be in sales their whole life. Looking for Leaders who show the way, not tell the way. If you are a hands-on leader, dedicated to the success of your team, please apply. Our company has been going and growing by leaps and bounds since 1989. We are in the supplemental benefits and insurance business. In summary, we protect families' financial wellbeing during a physical crisis, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, accident, hospitalization and loss of life. Where health insurance keeps hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies in business, we keep families in business by paying them directly when tragedy strikes. Our industry growth has allowed our company to flourish and with that comes expansion. We strive to source and seek out individuals who truly care about the families that we protect. We are not looking for those individuals who seek ONLY their own financial gain. In our industry and in our company, there is MUCH financial gain to be had, but protecting and educating families is at the heart of everything we do. Experience in our FIELD is not necessary to work with our company. We offer a phenomenal training program that consists of both comprehensive classroom and in-field training. Your success is our number 1 goal. WE OFFER:~$60-$80 average first year earning potential for sales reps~ Cash Benefits~ Monthly Cash Bonuses~ Awarded Company Stock~ Lifetime Vested Renewals after just 5 years~ International Incentive Trips (for you and your family)~ Semi-Annual, Company paid trips (for you and your family)~ Retirement Plan that is second to NONE!~ Lucrative compensation and bonus plan for those in sales management For full details visit: http://gapmarks.com/r/ffe2fa

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Ad number:20305
Date posted:05.25.2016
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